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Create cards of your companies, partner companies or clients and recruitment agencies in Experium; and you will always have a structured database at hand with an option to quickly change, search for or export data.

A Company's card creation form allows to input a maximum amount of useful information, while it does not require you to fill in all details. Enter the amount of data you deem necessary, important and useful for your work. The possibility to quickly edit sections with the most important information about a company will significantly increase efficiency of your work.

Experuim allows you to enter a structure of an own company or a recruitment agency and allocate employees by departments and divisions.

Attach documents of any format related to a company to the Card of this company. These may include information from mass media or documents related to communications with a particular company, including: negotiations, business offers, legal documents, etc. The list of uploaded documents is conveniently structured and placed under a separate tab of a Company's card.

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Questions about the software

How does Experium differ form other programs?

Experium is a professional software solution for recruiters.

Created based on the information system of one of the largest international recruitment companies, Experium is being used and constantly improved for 15 years by nearly two thousand professional recruiters. This makes the program unique and innovative in many ways, without mentioning the fact that Experium ultimately encompasses peculiarities of recruiter's work.

A lot of functions which generally present separately in different programs are gathered in Experium to create an integrated system. Therefore, one program is able to fully automate the whole process of recruitment.

What can Experium do?
  • automate the whole cycle of recruitment project management;
  • connect dozens of offices and thousands of employees in a single network;
  • keep a Database of people, companies, jobs, ads, contracts, events, documents and images, which may include tens of millions of entries;
  • store data and process thousands of search requests over millions of documents in seconds;
  • approve jobs in a joint corporate system and keep track of documents electronically;
  • send email and text (sms) messages to candidates, employees and partners, and also work with their profiles in social and professional networks;
  • fully integrate with all popular job sites, email applications, browsers, text editors, calendars, office applications, staffing applications and accounting software;
  • work with all types of text and graphical documents;
  • perform heuristic text analysis and parse candidates' CVs, saving them as pre-filled Cards of people in the program;
  • also, it is possible to set Roles and Permissions for single users and groups of users in the program;
  • log and monitor all activities of users performed in the system (according to the order N 58 of FSTEC of Russia from February 5, 2010, which lists the requirements towards information systems designed to work with personal data);
  • and many, many more.
Why is it free?

Every day, we communicate with friends through Skype or ICQ, use email services such as Gmail and Mail.ru, create pages in Facebook, search for information on websites such as Google or Yandex and navigate through the Internet using browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We post updates to Twitter and write blogs in LiveJournal.

All these products and services are absolutely free for us.

Corporate employees use Mozilla email software for free, work with documents in Open Office for free and view PDF documents in Acrobat Reader, which is a free program.

The Microsoft company released a free version of Microsoft Office 2010.

And Google created a free operating system (Android) for mobile devices.

There are hundreds and even thousands of free IT products and services. This is the reality and the general worldwide trend of the software market.

How much do Extra Services cost?

Experium users are offered with additional communication products and services.

The subscription cost for the full package of services can be found in the Price List.

It should be mentioned that many services do not have technical or idea level alternatives and cannot be realized in any IT solution existing on today's HR market even potentially.

Experium is a first step towards the creation of a common professional space for HR communications in Russia and CIS.